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Aim of Study Tour Programs

The program aims to utilise the natural environment and resources of Hervey Bay to provide the students with a cultural experience which will enable them to communicate in English their thoughts before, during and after their many and varied experiences. English language is the focus of the program, and it is integrated into all activities out of the classroom and followed up upon when in the classroom. This is a unique study tour program in its variety of outdoor Australian experiences it offers the students.

Study Tour Programs

Study Tours are available for Years 7-12 (12-17 year old students) and apart from an outstanding Intensive English Program, central to opportunities for students who come to our school for study tours, are the marine studies and outdoor opportunities for students. Utilising the two school vessels, students will experience boat handling in the pristine waters of Hervey Bay, snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, fishing and whale watching excursions and real outdoor camping on Fraser Island.

These experiences provide the students with opportunities for socialisation with local students in real communicative settings, enhancing their acquisition of English enormously. Study tour class sizes are quite small, averaging between 5-20 students, enabling students much access to their ESL instructors in class. Teachers at the school always go the extra mile for students which are essential on study tours of this nature.

Coupled with the environmental and marine experiences for students are opportunities for them to showcase their skills and own culture through sport, musical performances, dance performances, artistic performances and drama. These opportunities are designed to enhance communication between the local English speaking students and students from the study tours. Many life long friendships are formed between the two groups of students.