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Study Abroad Programs and Full-time Study

Study Abroad Programs and Full-time Study are available for Kindergarten to Year 12. This Co-educational day school educates student number of approximately 810 (Kindergarten - Year 12) . Homestay with accredited College community families is provided to all our international students. Students wishing to study long term at the college are required to have an english standard which will allow them to take mainstream lessons in English (NLLIA ESL Bandscales Level 5). A High School Preparation Course (ELICOS) is offered at our preferred institution for students below Level 5.

School Programs

Students attending the College are able to take many Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) subjects. www.qsa.qld.edu.au. Class sizes in the senior school (Years 10-12), are generally quite small averaging just 12-14 students per class, which enables all students to readily gain access to teaching staff. Our Year 12 students have performed brilliantly in their studies, achieving QCS scores and university entrance scores (OPs) well above the State average. This is due to access to the modern facilities, caring teachers who go the extra mile and relatively small class sizes. Opportunities for leadership abound for students through our unique and challenging Student Development and Outdoor Education Program, together with co-curricular offerings in music, drama, art and sport.