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College Foundation

College Foundation

The Fraser Coast Anglican College Foundation Ltd, a separately incorporated company, is ultimately a vehicle for attracting short-term and long-term financial donations to ensure the continuing development of facilities at the College, which will benefit our students now and into the future.

Its main purpose is to assist the College in its endeavours to meet the needs not only of our existing students but also of those in the future. The Foundation has raised funds from direct contributions made by school parents and businesses and those funds have been used to establish, earlier than would otherwise have been possible, major essential school projects such as the Year 12 locker area and the change room facilities at the oval.

Fraser Coast Anglican College is determined to maintain its high standard of education and needs your financial assistance to provide the best facilities and environment for your children.

Does the School need to raise additional funds? The simple answer is Yes!

The College income is derived from school fees and funds available from Government grants. This income is almost completely exhausted on the direct operational costs of running the school on a day-to-day basis. After meeting the direct operating costs, there are no significant excess funds available for essential capital works.

If the College does not raise funds for capital works, the provision of major facilities such as the completion of the CMC or the construction of the Bell Tower becomes more difficult.

Major activities the Foundation undertakes to make that happen, include:

  • Overseeing the Past Students Association
  • Conducting major fundraising campaigns
  • Playing an active role in the coordination of school-based events such as Expos and Festivals
  • Hosting reunions

The Directors of the Foundation are: Mrs Dianne Smith (Chair), Mr Brad Murphy (Treasurer), Mrs Joanne Kelly, Mr David Baker, Mr David Jameson, Mr Russell Green, Mrs Janelle Shaw, and Mr Trevor Cecil.

The Foundation is run by a committee consisting of the Principal, representatives of the School Council, the President of the Parents’ and Friends’ Association and elected members.

Membership is open to anyone at an annual fee of $15.  Contact us via our online form, or you can phone the College on 07 4124 5411 for more information (FCAC Foundation Ltd, A.C.N. 094 961 172) and to register your interest in becoming a member of the FCAC Foundation.