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Our Values

Our Values

Living the values Christ taught us
Within our school we nurture a culture that embodies love, forgiveness, respect, compassion and service.

Achieving your best
All of us will set high standards and attempt to meet those standards, having self discipline and achieving the very best of which we are capable.

A balanced life
Monitoring the well being of our students to guide them towards a healthy balance of school work, sporting and cultural endeavours and spiritual development.

Giving it your all
Making the effort to be involved in all the school offers, trying your very best, making a commitment and honouring that commitment and seeing things through.

Supporting each other
Caring and respecting one another, looking after those who struggle to look after themselves, operating as a family and reinforcing the love and connection we have for each other for the ongoing mutual support and the creative enhancement of all.

Caring for the environment
As global citizens we have an obligation to create an awareness of our natural environment, to marvel at its wonders, seek to learn more about it and to care for it for future generations.