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Our Anglican Spirituality

Our Anglican Spirituality

Our involvement in Anglican spirituality is gentle and pervasive, but it is certainly not aggressive. By the time our Year 12 students graduate, they can feel the genuine and heart-warming spirituality that all have gained. We believe, very much, in providing an environment that welcomes a variety of religious beliefs, but, nonetheless, provides an Anglican code of ethics and values by which to live.

Our Chaplaincy Programme

Part of our mission is helping students to grow in faith, to develop a keen desire to know more about God, and to understand how their faith might intersect with other aspects of their daily lives.  Our Chaplaincy team, led by our College Chaplain incorporates these teachings through Christian Living classes and through regular Chapel services.  It is also through the ongoing interactions that occur naturally between committed staff who present a positive example of faith, and students, many of whom are an inspiration to others.

To enable this work of Christ to continue, we are grateful to the Federal Government for continuing the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program.